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Search Engine Marketing Services​

What Does Search Engine Marketing Involve?​

Search engine marketing (SEM) aims to increase the visibility of websites on search engine results pages (SERPs). This is achieved mainly through paid advertising campaigns and SEO techniques. 


Scope of service:

Google & Bing Ads

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising drives targeted users to your website.


Position your website as high as possible on the SERP to capture the most clicks.

Affiliate Marketing

Promote your products on third party websites who take a commission per sale.

Online Advertising Experts

Grow Your Revenue with SEM Services

We Cover Everything You Need

At Neko Digital we help businesses like yours get the best out of the marketing budget. Different situations call for different tactics, however, we believe there are four pillars to SEM.


PPC Advertising

We manage your campaigns on the 2 major platforms – Google and Bing.



Boost your organic sales with expert On-Page & Off-Page SEO tactics.



The most effective way to grow sales volume without facing upfront costs.



We analyse your performance and discuss our suggestions to optimize your budget.

"I appreciate our journey and achievements so far and would like to continue on this growth path until we have to fight to maintain the number spot."
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Continuous Optimization To Increase Your Marketing ROI

Keep your business ahead of the SEM & PPC trends.

Applying the latest SEM and PPC strategies enables you to maintain relevance and efficiency in a fast-evolving digital landscape, ensuring targeted engagement and improved conversion rates.

Target the right audience.

Focusing on the right content and keywords is difficult whilst mistakes can be expensive.

Master the search intent.

It’s important to understand what users are thinking when they are searching for things online.

Analyse and benchmark.

With close monitoring of both your campaigns and traffic data, we still have to stay on top of the latest rules of the game - SERPs can change their rules (the algorithm) several times a year.

Optimise, expand, repeat.

We follow an iterative process in which we execute our strategies, we optimise them to a point where they are stable and we evaluate expanding to a new tactic in order to continue growth.

Your partner for digital growth.

Work with certified experts to guarantee your business success through a tailored digital strategy.

We are seeking long-term relationships that essentially are a win-win.

Our onboarding process is simple and we make it easy for you – our contract can be paused anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Search engine marketing (SEM) aims to increase the visibility of websites on search engine results pages (SERPs). This is achieved mainly through paid advertising campaigns and SEO techniques.

You should find a SEM agency that offers a flexible model and has a clear view of your target market. They must be data-driven and have a deep understanding of different digital marketing techniques.

It is important to have clear KPI's to make good decisions - not only should you have a positive ROI but you should have a pleasant relationship with your suppliers.

At Neko Digital we can try to answer your questions and clear any doubts about your current marketing efforts.

We rely on the success of our clients and we do not believe in short-term wins. That means we use honesty as our best policy to create a long-term relationship and build wealth together.

In other words, we don't bullshit.

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