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Real Case - How we helped a law firm with Google Ads

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One of our recent clients, a dissatisfied law firm, approached us for assistance in boosting their online presence through Ads and SEO. For confidentiality and competitive reasons, we’re omitting their name, but it’s worth noting their previous experience into digital marketing hadn’t met expectations. Among the first issues to tackle there was a website that, frankly, was a MESS—an absolute conversion killer, the kind of site that repels visitors at first glance.

Addressing the conversion path

Understanding that Ads don’t work alone—they can capture customer attention but can’t convert this interest without a solid website foundation—with the approval of our client, we prioritized the development of a new, conversion-optimized website. This wasn’t just about aesthetics or user experience; we aimed for a site structured to provide quality, useful information, and improve readability for both users and Google’s algorithms.

With the website refined to convert the incoming traffic, we proceeded to establish a Google Ads account for the firm, integrating it seamlessly with Google Analytics 4 and Google Search Console to harness data-driven insights. The initiation of our advertising campaign marked the beginning of a meticulous optimization process.

New account, no data

Launching a campaign, particularly with a new account, involves an initial phase where the Google Ads algorithm is “trained” to understand our target audience, requiring a slightly higher initial investment to ensure no valuable data is overlooked. Consequently, our initial Cost Per Lead (CPL) rounded 25€, above our target of 20€, during this calibration period. However, this was a strategic decision, designed to lay the groundwork for more cost-effective campaigns.

The strategy paid off handsomely. With the ads fine-tuned based on collected data, we witnessed a significant drop in CPL. Remarkably, in the last two weeks, our costs plummeted to 10€ per lead, halving our initial target. And the momentum didn’t stop there—this week, we’ve achieved a CPL of just 3.25€.

But what about lead quality? It’s one thing to generate leads at a lower cost, but ensuring they’re of high quality is another matter entirely. This is where our open, collaborative approach with clients shines. Through constant communication and feedback, we’ve refined our funnels to not only meet but exceed expectations. And according to our client, the leads have been excellent. We’ve not only reached but surpassed our objectives. Now, our objective is set on continuing to grow their business.

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